Tim LaPointe worked in construction, learned his trade, and made contacts before founding Skyline Construction to create a more customer friendly building experience. Since then, every Skyline Construction job starts with a conversation. Whether a client has a specific idea of what they want, or a general need and are looking for more input, Skyline works with them to develop a plan.

What sets Skyline apart from other contractors is customer service. Our detail oriented approach covers more ground and anticipates potential issues before they become major problems. Skyline aims to not only satisfy our clients, but to do a job that we’re proud of as well. That includes using the best materials and not cutting corners to save a few pennies along the way. We are old school and think a client deserves the job done right the first time. We will walk clients through our decisions to do things a certain way and will explain every step of the process. We value our employees as much as our clients and are properly insured on every job. (No matter who you engage to be your contractor - protect yourself and your family and ask if they have the proper coverage for the job they are doing. And ask them to prove it.)

We work with full transparency and commit quotes and updates in writing, and are receptive to your questions and concerns by phone or email. We are eager to make our clients happy and our experience allows us to come up with creative solutions other contractors don’t, but we never shy away from honest conversations about expectations and possibilities. In the end, both parties are happy.