Our process starts with an onsite visit. We want to get to know you and the space we’ll be helping you create or renovate. We find out what you’re looking for. We might run some ideas by you. Then our partner team of designers and architects create an initial design. We will come up with cost and time estimates of the job, and get started. We make it a point to prioritize all our work by carefully scheduling our team so that no one is waiting on another job. We’re not that guy. We won’t leave your project half done to go to another job. We treat you and your job the way we would want someone to treat us. If we are working on your home, we’ll be seeing a lot of you. For offices or new construction we will schedule meetings and a walk thru so that you can see the progression of your project. Creating something new or different can be exciting and at times scary. We want you to enjoy the ride and love the work. We do.